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Name:6th International Symposium on Leveraging Applications
Description:The ISoLA Symposium is a forum for developers, users, and researchers to discuss issues related to the adoption and use of rigorous tools for the specification, analysis, verification, certification, construction, test, and maintenance of systems from the point of view of their different application domains. To bridge the gap between designers and developers of (formal methods based) rigorous tools, and users in engineering and in other disciplines, it fosters and exploits synergetic relationships among scientists, engineers, software developers, decision makers, and other critical thinkers. In particular, by providing a venue for the discussion of common problems, requirements, algorithms, methodologies, and practices, ISoLA aims at supporting researchers in their quest to improve the utility, reliability, flexibility and efficiency of tools for building systems and users in their search of adequate solutions to their problems. Applications and case studies with a conceptual message and experience papers with a clear link to tool construction are all encouraged. More information can be found on the conference's home page at: http://www.cs.uni-potsdam.de/isola/isola2014/
PC Chairs:Michael Felderer
Bernhard Steffen
Axel Legay
ISoLA2014 office
Falk Howar
Tiziana Margaria
Ina Schaefer
Paul Gibson
Markus Schordan
Jens Knoop
Anna-Lena Lamprecht
Reiner Hähnle
Martin Wirsing
Conference flow: Abstract Submission: May 15, 2014 23:59 HST,
Paper Upload: May 16, 2014 23:59 HST,
Bidding for Review: May 17, 2014 23:59 HST,
Assignment of Reviewers: May 19, 2014 23:59 HST,
Review: May 28, 2014 23:59 HST,
Decision: May 30, 2014 23:59 HST,
Final: May 31, 2014 23:59 HST

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